BAD G​.​A​.​S​.​S.

by G.A.S.S.

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A rock n roll deity battles an ancient homeless wise man. The world is destroyed and somebody has got to clean this town up. G.A.S.S. is what is formed when GOOD and BAD become 1.....A man on a mission to make mistakes and move on. This is the "BAD" half of the double album GOOD/BAD by G.A.S.S.


released April 24, 2014

This double Album was written and recorded sometime late 2012 to early 2014 at big Mamas Warehouse by Gregory Labold on a Tascam Porta Studio 4 track. ONLY 4 tracks are used for each song. 1 track per instrument. Vocals and lead guitars share a track. This is Gregorys first solo recording.



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Guitarcules Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Task (writing a song for you)
writing this song
you know i sing it for you
cant find the words
dont know what im gonna do
finding the melody
then singing it back
wondering why, where why who what and when
learning the questions
well it all depends

so why even ask?
go pull a task
lets go get a new mask
i dont know

things have changed
but how can i really know?
you actions speak a little louder than all youve said and shown
you can still talk about those regular things
but when i bring it up youre back to ignoring me
theres no way for me to really know you
all i can do is guess what i should do
so maybe its time i pack up and leave
but before i go theres one thing i want to bleed
i know that i still love you
Track Name: Fornicating FLies
Fornicating Flies in my favorite mug
Good drink
Track Name: Something Stinks
Something really stinks in this philthadelphia scene
you could make a million fliers
but you prolly wouldnt know what i mean
Im not a perfect guy
i got a lot of things i can say
it doesnt really matter
cuz im prolly wasting it on you anyways
Track Name: Not Your Baby
Im so happy every single day
Pack my things and ill be on my way
Atleast thats what i think im gonna say
Maybe in a year or by next May

But until then Im gonna keep trying

Dont know what else i say
Really wish it went down another way

So i guess im just gonna be crying

Cuz im a Baby
Im not your baby anymore
Cuz im a Baby
Im not your baby anymore
Track Name: It's Hard Work
Its hard work being american
hard work being a citizen
its hard work getting good work
its hard work being anything

what you got to say to me man
i just dont care

We wearing it down
smell it in the air
its all over town
once you get that green
you dont gotta share
you wanna now what i mean
theres no american dream
Track Name: You're So Nice
Ive known you for a little while
And i think you are great
Im feeling kinda like The Fool
but i really shouldnt feel that way
Everytime that youre around
yeah you make me feel ok
i want to be with you right now
but i guess that i gotta wait

cuz your so nice

Maybe you can come over?
Or ill visit you at your place
We can stay up real late
making steamed broccoli
we could go out for a walk
and talk about air dry clay
or maybe we'll just stay inside
and find new games to play

cuz youre so nice

yeah i can get into you
Track Name: Same Old Punk Standard
Whats with the million Questions
i aint got money for these
i take my politics outside
i like to argue with trees
maybe i sound crazy
thats because youre weird
same old same old

so you got another question
well i dont wanna waste your time
when living life is like a cancer
its taking over then youll die

oh well hello again
i guess im saying goodbye
its nice to see your face
how bout a piece of pie
no time to stay for dinner
well ok thats fine
i know the human race has a lot on the line

oh no
its the end
the world is over
Apocalypse now
well hello
so long
Track Name: No Wanna
Dont wanna call me bad name
dont wanna call you the same
dont wanna be deaf dumb lame
bad picture got a good frame

dont wanna
do wanna
wanna nuh
nuh wanna

No one i dont want to stay
dont go but please do not stay
dont want to want you this way
dont hear this song that i play
Track Name: Things are different
things are different i know
but i cant change
how i feel about you

no i wont
ok i will
oh no i wont
ok i will
i swear i will